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Thank you for your interest in Connoisseur Catering. We strive to make your wedding or special event a time to remember, and specialize in custom menus and terrific venues. We can cater for a group sized between 20 to 4000 guests. So just suggest it, and we will prepare it. Connoisseur Catering - great food for every special occasion.

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      HOT APPETIZERS         View Sample Menus
      Brochettes     House Spring Rolls     En Croute
    Beef   Chicken   Brie & Raspberry Rounds
    Chicken   Prawns   Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts
    Prawns   Pork   Garlic & Brie
    Pork   Asian Veggie   Edam Prawns
    Salmon         Bruchetta
    Halibut     House Specialties      
    Veggie   Spring Salmon in Puff Pastry     Chicken Wings
          Curry Chicken Phylo Triangles   Mild, Medium, Hot, BBQ
      Baby Quiche   Traditional Spanakopita    Honey Garlic and Schezwan
    Crab & Asparagus   Scallops Wrapped in Bacon      
    Smoked Salmon   Chef's Breaded Prawns     Deep Fried
    Assorted Pacific Seafood   Bourbon Glazed Meatballs   Zucchini Sticks
    Lorraine   Tempura Battered Vegetables   Cheese Pepper Poppers
    Roasted Chicken   Pork Sausage Rolls   Mozza Sticks
    Roast Red Pepper Vegetable   Oysters Rockefeller   Cheddar Cubes
          Soy Stuffed Wontons   Chicken Strips
      Stuffed Mushroom Caps   Lamb Souvlaki      
    Vegetable and Cheese   Chicken Quesedilla      
    Pacific Seafood   Cheese Quesedilla      
    Herbed Deli Cream Cheese   Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip      

      COLD APPETIZERS           View Sample Menus
      House Favorites     Canapes     Sandwhich Selections
    Canadian & Import Cheese     Smoked Salmon   Ass. Deli Meats
    Fresh Cut Vegetables/Dip   Deli Cream Cheese & Fresh Lox   - seafood
    Spinach and Artichoke Dip   Dijon Cream Cheese Roast Sirloin   - egg salad
    Assorted Tortilla Wraps   Herb Cream Cheese with Brie   - chicken salad
    - Deli Meats/Seafood/Vegetarian         - veg. finger sandwhich
    - Canape Size     Pate   - breads & rolls
    Melon Balls/Wrapped Prosciutto   Goose Liver Cognac   Ass. Deli Wraps
    Pickle & Relish Tray   Cracked Black Pepper   - seafood
    Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter   Fresh Herb   - egg salad
          Vegetable Terrine   - chicken salad
      Seafood         - veg. finger sandwhich
    Wide Variety of Sushi     Antipasto   - tortilla wraps
    California Rolls   Seafood   Open Face Bagel Melts
    Smoke Salmon   Veggie   - hot tuna
    Malpec Oysters         - hot ham & cheese
    Fanny Bay Oysters         - hot turkey
    Pacific Tiger Prawns         - hot Italian pizza
    Bay Shrimp         Ass. Pinwheel Sandwiches
    Fresh Crab            
    Spring Salmon Darnes            

      SOUPS           View Sample Menus
    Steak and Potato     Cream Soups     Cold Soups
    Potato Leek   Mushroom   Gazpacho
    Potato Bacon   Asparagus   Vichyssoise
    Tomato Herb   Chicken   Cucumber
    Chicken Noodle   Celery   Strawberry Yogurt
    Tomato Noodle   Tomato   Peach Daiquiri
    Chicken Rice   Broccoli and Cheese   Honeydew and Cantaloupe
    Oriental Chicken   Cauliflower      
    Mulligatawny   Lettuce     Bisque
    French Onion   Fiddlehead   Seafood
    Consomme   Wild Mushroom   Salmon
    Split Pea   Spinach   Lobster
    Wonton   Chicken Florentine   Shrimp
    Hot n Sour         Bouillabaisse
    Borscht     Chowders      
    Mushroom and Barley   Manhattan      
    Vegetable Puree   New England      
    Minestrone   Shrimp      
    Gumbo   Lobster Chowder      
    Pepper Potato   Corn and Potato      
    Navy Bean            
    Black Bean            
    Vegetable Potage            
    Beef and Barley            

      SALADS           View Sample Menus
      Traditional     Specialty      
    Tomato, Fresh Basil and Onion   Guests Select 3 Color Pasta Salad      
    Mixed Exotic Field Greens   South American Jicima Root Salad      
    - house vinaigrette   Spinach Salad      
    - country ranch   - sun dried tomato, edam and crisp bacon bits/dijon vinaigrette      
    House Caesar Salad   - fresh strawberries and poppy seed/balsamic honey vinaigrette      
    Balsamic Greek Salad   - tomato, mushroom, mozza and prosciutto/creamy stilton      
    Vegetable Pasta Salad   Holiday Waldorf Salad      
    Mandarin Romaine Salad   Bamboo Shoot Salad      
    Red Pepper Sweet Corn   Wild Mushroom Risotto Salad      
    Marinated Vegetable   Vegetarian Tofu Salad      
    Creamy Vegetable Coleslaw   Butter Lettuce Egg Dill Salad      
    Vinaigrette Marinated Coleslaw            
    Creamy Red New Potato            
    Vinaigrette Harvest Potato            
    Zucchini and Chick Pea            
    Three Bean Salad            

      ENTREES           View Sample Menus
      Seafood Entrees     Specialty Items     Vegetables
    Live Atlantic Lobster   Rack of Lamb   Broccoli
    Fresh Pacific Crab   Lamb Loin   Cauliflower
    Jumbo Scallops   Buffalo   Carrot
    Tiger Prawns   Venison   Stuffed Tomato
    Halibut   Moose   Braised Red Cabbage
    Sockeye Salmon   Veal   Spaghetti Squash
    Spring Salmon         Butter Nut Squash
    Rainbow Trout     Pasta   Semi Sweet Yam
    Arctic Char   Spaghetti   Turnip
    Eastern Cod   Tortellini   Exotic Mushrooms
          Linguini   Field Mushrooms
      AAA Beef   Tri Color Rotinni   Egg Plant
    Tenderloin   Macaroni   Brussels Sprouts
    Prime Rib   Lasagna   Snow Peas
    Rib Eye   Fussili   Green Beans
    NY Strip loin   Bow Tie   Yellow Beans
    Sirloin Tip         Asparagus
    Outside Round     Starch   Fennel
    Bottom Flat   Potato   Red Beets
          - fresh herb oven roast      
      Chicken   - curry oven roast      
    Tenderloin   - duchess piped      
    Boneless Breast   - butter mashed      
    Legs and Thighs   - traditional baked      
    Whole Bird   Wild Rice      
    Nine Piece   Long Rain Rice      

      DESSERTS           View Sample Menus
      Cheese Cakes     Cakes and Squares      
    Amaretto   Butter Pecan Fudge Cake      
    French Cream   Chocolate Maple Mania Cake      
    Strawberry Topped   Brownies      
    New York   Pecan Streusel      
          Vanilla Caramel Swirl      
      Layer Cakes   Macaroon Bar      
    Truffle Mousse   Wildberry Macaroon Bar      
    Black Forest   Date Square      
    Belgian Chocolate Mousse   Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake      
    Tiramisu Mousse   Lemonburst Macaroon Bar      
    Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse   Triple Berry Crumble      
          Apple Crumble Square      
      Double Deep Cakes   Banana Cake      
    Tuxedo Truffle Mousse   Butter Tart Bar      
    Hedgehog Cream   Deep Dutch Brownies      
    Orange Frost Creamsicle   Country Carrot Cake      
    Black Forest Cake   Nanaimo Bar      
    Chocolate Layer Cake   Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bar      
    Lemon and Cream Shortcake   Silk Chocolate Truffle Bar      
    Strawberry Shortcake   Tiger Brownie      

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Catering for special events and occasions - Victoria British Columbia

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